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Movie Explained In Hindi । Movie Explain Hindi। Erotic @God Of Romance #explain #hindi #hollywood

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Movie Explained In Hindi । Movie Explain Hindi । Erotic । ‎@God Of Romance #explain #hindi #waitress2007 #hollywood Movie Name :- Waitress (2007) Abou...

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Movie Explained In Hindi । Movie Explain Hindi । Erotic । ‎@God Of Romance #explain #hindi #waitress2007 #hollywood

Movie Name :- Waitress (2007)
About Movie :- Jenna's life falls apart when she discovers that she must not only deal with her marital woes but also with an unwanted pregnancy. To make matters worse, she finds herself falling for a doctor.

Movie Credit:-

Director: Adrienne Shelly
Screenplay: Adrienne Shelly
Music director: Andrew Hollander
Producers: Michael Roiff, Robert Bauer

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